Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick Service Food & Beverage?

Okay, so a little bit more about what I'll actually be doing in Disney...

While on the College Program, you can choose from the Spring/Fall Advantage Program or Spring/Fall Program. (They also have a Culinary Program, and, if your school is on a quarter or trimester system, they also have a Quarter Program.) Basically the difference between the two is that the Advantage Program is about 3 months longer. I'll be doing the Spring Advantage Program 2011, so I'll be there from January 26 to August 12! Disney used to offer a Summer Program, but it is no longer available to new College Program participants. From what I've heard, alumni, however, are offered that option. 

I'll be working in Quick Service Food & Beverage, so basically, I could end up working at any food place that doesn't take your order from your table, including snack carts. Lots of options! I wish we knew where we'd be working before we arrived, but oh well, part of the anticipation I guess! According to the Disney College Program website, my responsibilities may include:

  • Selling food and beverages at outdoor carts and/or indoor restaurants
  • Taking and filling orders, multi-tasking
  • Preparing and assembling food items in a kitchen area, including the use of a fryer, grill, broiler, and other industrial cooking equipment
  • Cash handling - both manual and using computerized registers
  • Bussing tables, washing dishes, cleaning kitchen equipment, and emptying trash cans
  • Dispensing and selling alcoholic beverages
  • Setting and stocking tables, outdoor carts, and restaurants
  • Heavy lifting, pushing heavy carts
  • Working with cleaning chemicals
  • Working independently or as part of a large team
  • Standing for extended periods, working outdoors
That's all I know about my position for now. We are told who our roommates are beforehand, but it seems like we receive most of the information once we arrive. I can't wait to start! Now the question is, to fly or drive?


  1. hey! i just wanted to say that i am also a quick service food and beverage cast member for the spring advantage 2011 season! except i'll be arriving on the 19th. hopefully we meet each other! :)

  2. Hi! I've actually been accepted as a Professional Intern, so I won't be doing qsfb, but maybe we'll still meet :0) It's almost a month away already!

  3. well crap! haha. that's still cool though!
    and yes, hopefully we will! i'm so ecstatic! i can't even make it this next month!

  4. I'm in quick service food & beverage for Spring 2011 also!! :)

  5. I'm doing it in the fall, (qck fd & bev) how was it? Was it fun....

  6. I didn't actually end up doing that position. I was accepted as a Professional Intern at Animal Kingdom and chose to do that position instead.