Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney Traditions

For some reason, I had a problem with my fingerprints at Casting, so I ended up going back in to be printed again and waiting for a few days while my fingerprints were processed. Because participating in "Traditions," a class that all new Cast Members must take, was required before I began training, everything was postponed. Today I was finally able to go to Traditions!

My class started at 8:00 am at the Disney University, which is backstage in Magic Kingdom. Our leaders wanted us to be there at 7:30 am, and being somewhat unsure of where the Disney University building was and worried about being late, I ended up getting there around 7:10 am. Needless to say, I was on time.

Once a Cast Member had looked at our drivers licenses and checked us in, we were each given a card with a Disney character (mine was Peter Pan) and instructed to wait in the cafeteria area.
Once our character was called, we went upstairs to begin our class. Once we chose a spot at one of the many circular tables in the room, we were given a sticker version of a Cast Member name tag and a Disney Traditions book. Throughout the day, we discussed Disney's past, present, and future. We watched many tutorial and information videos, but they were, for the most part, in a fun, Disney fashion. We learned about Cast Member conduct, Disney Values, Disney's Common Goal, and the Keys of Disney (Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency, and Show).

In our table groups, we worked together to participate in some healthy competition. For one activity, we were asked to list as many Disney Characters as we could within a 90 second time period. The activities we did were used to demonstrate the importance of team work and, I feel, to help us get to know each other a little better. As prizes for winning the activities and for answering questions, we were given "critters." I managed to collect them all, except for Mickey. Oh well, next time!

About an hour before lunch, we were given our ID's and went on a quick walk through of the Utilidoors, which make up the first level of Magic Kingdom Park. The park Guests see, is actually the second floor. It was an interesting experience, and for all you curious non-Disney employees out there, if you'd like to see the Utilidoors, be sure to check out the Keys to the Kingdom Tour! After the Utilidoors, we walked around Liberty Square with our table group, looking for the four Keys of Disney and how they were demonstrated in the park.

After that, we headed back to Disney University for lunch and to continue our discussion of the four Keys. Mickey made an appearance towards the end, and once we had wrapped up our class, we were allowed to claim our shiny, new name tags! Around 3:30 pm, we were deemed educated in the ways of Disney Traditions, and released into the prospect of beginning our official Disney training.

I went home, changed out of my "Disney Look" attire, and headed out to Disney's Hollywood Studios to test out my ID and enjoy the Rock'n Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror. I'm thinking I could get used to this!
Tomorrow I jump into training with all of the other Conservation Education Presenters at Animal Kingdom. I'm slightly anxious about being behind, but there's another girl behind in her training as well, so we can get caught up together!

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