Monday, December 6, 2010

Kids' Discovery Clubs

Since I've been accepted to the Professional Internship, I haven't had much more information about the program. I received a folder and an email giving precise instructions for the "Disney Look" and been confirmed to Disney housing, but don't know much more about what my experience will be like. While we were in Disney in October, I was able to walk around and check out the 6 Kids' Discovery Clubs in Animal Kingdom where I will potentially be working.

In Asia, the kids are able to listen to 3 different calls of animals from Asia. There is a frog, a tiger, and a siamang (a type of gibbon, members of the ape family--Animal Kingdom also has siamangs that Guests can visit in the park). Once the siamang is identified, Interns talk to the kids about them and talk about conserving the forest.

At the Conservation Station, children are able to search for wildlife in the "backyard." Interns talk with the kids about how many of these animals are found in their own backyard and give them ideas on how to create their own backyard habitats (like by hanging a birdhouse).

The Club at Camp Minnie-Mickey gives kids the chance to reach into the "knot holes" of a fake log to try to identify four objects by touch. Of course, while we were there, Mom had to give it a try :0). There was a birds nest, a turtle shell, a deer antler, and a pinecone. Interns then talk to the children about the importance of forests to wildlife.

DinoLand U.S.A. gives kids the opportunity to dig for fossil puzzle pieces, similar to an excavation, and then match the pieces of the dinosaur skulls and jaws. They can look at the teeth on the bones to discover what they ate. Interns discuss how the kids can help protect animals that are alive today by recycling.

In Africa, children look at clues left behind by an animal and guess which animal "walked through the area." They look at footprints and droppings (in pictures) and then check their answer by looking though binoculars "aimed" at the correct animal. Interns mention that kids can look for wildlife clues at home to learn more about the animals that live around them.

Finally, at Discovery Island, kids can check out a variety of real, live animals that they may have seen in the 3-D show, "It's Tough to Be a Bug." Animals can vary, but may be a tarantula, cockroach, lubber grasshopper, etc. They can also "see like a bug" by looking though a bug mask viewer.

I'm not sure if I'll be working at one location or if I'll rotate through all six, but I'm super excited either way! It'll be quite the experience!

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